Stewardship Economy
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Frequently Answered Questions

Are stewardship fees fair?

Who gets the land?



A widow living in a large house

A millionaire


Why do you have to tax 100 per cent of the market rent?

Surely itís not fair to tax savings or wealth

Does it redistribute wealth effectively?

Why not tax all forms of economic rent?

Isnít this just communism?

Would it work?

What happens if the valuation is wrong?

Is it possible to value blocks of offices and flats?

Wouldnít it destroy the land market?

Wonít it erode the tax base?

Wonít landowners go on strike?

Is rent really a surplus?

Is the supply of land really fixed (price-inelastic)?

How would it affect me?

      How much would my stewardship fee be?

How much would the Universal Income be?

Are there unexpected consequences?                                

Would it cause over-development?

Would a Universal Income discourage work?

Would people squander their Universal Income?

Would stewardship fees be passed on to consumers?

Would stewardship fees reduce profitability?

Would people take to the road?

If itís such a good idea, why arenít we doing it already?

Hasnít it been tried before and failed?

Doesnít this belong to the agricultural age?

      Isnít it wacky?

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